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Our history

Several years ago, we came up with the idea of setting up an ESAT (french acronym for : supported employment workplace) to give our operators (it's the name given to disabled people who work in ESAT) the opportunity to practice and acquire confectionery skills.

Of our 150 operators, 20 have chosen to work in the confectionery industry as confectioners. 

Since 2018 and the opening of our workshop-boutique in Notre-Dame-de-Bondeville, we've been keen to promote the skills of our operators and have them recognized.

Our speciality

With the opening of our confectionery, we wanted to perpetuate the production of a flagship product: sucre de Rouen (or sucre de Pomme). 

This confectionery is emblematic of the city of a hundred spires, and owes its origins to the strategic position of the port of Rouen and the abundance of apples in the region. 


We have also launched the production of gummy bears, so that our operators can practice with new confections to create and manufacture.


Le sucre de Rouen

With the influx of apples into Normandy and the holds of ships docking in the port of Rouen filled with cane sugar. The city's aphoticaires created little confections designed to soothe sore throats and ward off melancholy. 


More than 200 years later, our confectioners are still using the same production methods, with apple jelly replaced by natural flavoring for the sake of preservation. For more than 200 years, the manufacturing methods have remained the same, and some of the equipment is also period-appropriate. In this way, our confectioners play an active part in preserving the local culinary heritage. 

We have also developed other confectionery products, which you can discover in our online store or in Notre-Dame-de-Bondeville.

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Gummy bears

To create this delicacy, our confectioners take the time to make the marshmallow themselves, then proceed with a multi-stage coating process. 

That's why our teddy bears are so greedy and generous in chocolate, all with a tender marshmallow heart.

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