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Come and discover our workshop-boutique

Come and discover the expertise of our confectioners through immersive workshops in our laboratories. Our operators will pass on their knowledge and some of the secrets involved in making our delicacies. These workshops are ideal for individuals, schools and professionals. 

You can also watch our products being made, free of charge, from the glassed-in gallery of our boutique, where you can now order a coffee.

Practical activity

What could be better than an immersive workshop accompanied by our confectioners to make our confectionery and understand the manufacturing processes. 

Test your skills and awaken your inner confectioner. 

For around 60 minutes, you'll discover some of the secrets behind the making of Rouen's famous sugar, our marshmallow bears and other confections. 

To book your immersive workshop, please contact our sales department.

Free visit

You can also watch our confectionery being made for free from the store's glass gallery.

You'll find a timeline tracing the industrial history of this former textile mill, as well as the history of Rouen's emblematic sugar. 

You can also order a coffee and watch our confectioners at work. 

Reservations are not required for this free tour.

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